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Sunny Yam  
「翡翠新聞」Emerald Chinese Times, launched its first edition, was  first published on August 19,  2010  by Sunny Yam who has been well known in the field of Chinese  newspaper media in Seattle for more than fifteen  years since he worked in the Seattle Chinese News, and about five years ago he also published Seattle Chinese Times. He and his partner  now publish the best of  their newspaper around Seattle , Vancouver and Portland areas providing  the regional news and the cultural  community activities, as well as entertainments and Asian  Cuisine to the Asian and also let  American people understand Asian culture  and taste Asian Cuisine . Sunny Yam (206_ 498 -8809 -  Websites is under construction

O'Asian Chinese Restaurant - Head Chef Tony Wu :-interviewed by  reporter of  ect (Emerald Chinese Times )


Vancouver大溫哥華萬聖聖節-2010 - Halloween Holidays - many locations-Celebration ..see more detail more>

Raymond Lam - Hong Kong Singer will have mini concert at The Center in Vancouver (溫哥華大劇院) 林峯瘋摩溫哥華迷你演唱會  Nov 30, 2010- 在國語頻道TVB8主持節目。2000年參與拍攝電視劇《美味情緣》及《尋秦記》,開始受注意。2002年在電視劇《再生緣》中擔任主角,翌年憑電視劇《律政新人王》奪得「2003年飛躍進步男藝員獎」,此後成為無線電視的當家小生。  see his  .日期:20101130(星期二) 晚上八時 see more more>

處長東周出席西雅圖「2010年西北區教師節敬師餐會」 ...到場貴賓,包括該會會長劉政賢、僑務顧問周步岳和各中文學校校長、教師共120多人。 more


佩儀(Gloria Tang) 快將中學畢業了,她正在參與籌備畢業晚餐會,原來她在這方面頗有經驗,曾先後在多個慈善晚宴中當義工。

Gloria在學校也很活躍,曾是學校排球隊成員,後來又成為啦啦隊成員,今年她是Student Council (學生代表) ,責任重大。  ...more detail

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